Steven Eric Vose

About The Artist


Just for fun, I thought I would tell the brief history of my early life as an artist. I began my professional career   after completing my University studies in 1971. I was lucky enough to live and paint in a very spacious and sun drenched penthouse above the movie theater in Seal Beach California. The first person to seriously collect my paintings was Howard Brief, a prominent lawyer there, with his offices on Main Street.  Howard's collection was  discovered by associates of a top Danish art Gallery in Copenhagen known as Gallerie Bierk, where an exhibition of my work was arranged to be held. This then lead to my work being shown in Beverly Hills at the Cole and Steiness Gallery.

Following this, I was introduced to a number of famous and important people in the film and music industry of Hollywood. Legendary music producer, Richard Perry, whose clients have included Rod Stewart, Barbara Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles and Ringo Starr, aquired quite a number of paintings of some of the most famous ladies in Hollywood history for his collection.




Next, Neil Bogart, head of Casablanca Records And Film Works (famous for musical icons Kiss and Donna Summer), commissioned me to do a larger than life portrait of Hollywood legend Humphrey Bogart for his offices which were decorated, very appropriately, in the style of Rick's Cafe from the film "Casablanca". Another famous client who came a bit later,  was film producer Joel Silver,  known for such blockbuster movies as “48 Hours“ and the three “Matrix“ films.  At one time, Joel lived in a beautiful landmark house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles. For a time, Jack Nicholson’s contract attorney, Abe Summers had me working on a number of commissioned paintings of Hollywood legends for his private theater in his  beautiful English Style mansion in the Hollywood Hills.


















As for corporate commissions, at one point, Bank of America commissioned me to do four large paintings for an important installation at one of their main branches. On another occasion, the exclusive private club of Bogart’s at the Marina Pacifica in Long Beach California (seen above, right) commisioned me to paint a number of monumental paintings for their main hall. 











My success allowed me to step away from my studio in 1990 and spend a decade traveling in Europe and England, taking in the wonderful museums of those countries and searching for the right home to live and paint in. I found a stately 17th century Georgian and Elizabethan manor house (shown above) outside of Bath, England which I restored to it's original beauty.  Taking a break from my work, I enjoyed walking the grounds of the estate with my young Russian Wolfhound, Misha.

I would later return to Southern California to  work in my sunlit studio with windows open to the breezes of the Pacific Ocean. A contrast from the cold of England, I was in familiar territory once again. I hope you have enjoyed a little look at my early work and that you will check back soon to see an example my new work.