Steven Eric Vose



Pygmalion by Steven Eric Vose, oil on linen, 34 in x 50 in

This painting refers back to the story of Pygmalion wherein the artist falls in love with his creation and she in turn falls in love with him. In this "retelling" of the story, the figure on the left is symbolic of the artists imagination, being made up of a female form and the artists hand. The central figure, in the painting within the painting is starting to come to life and is watching the artist complete part of her body. This incompleteness and transition in "creation" is portrayed using a partial transparency of form. The figure on the right, the artist, is also dealing with who he wants to be, and may, or may not already be that to which he aspires. To complete the scene, the space in which the artist works is filled with energy emanating from his heart and mind.